Neonatal Cardiology

Neonatologists play an important role in the early diagnosis and management of children's heart disease. This includes caring for the smallest and most fragile babies.

Many of our neonatal colleagues are trained to perform echocardiograms (heart scans) and interpret these findings. In addition, all neonatologists in the UK are originally trained as Paediatricians but specialise in the babies.

We welcome any neonatologist with an interest in haemodynamics and cardiac care to be part of PECSIG.

Why join PECSIG ?


Our organisation supports continuing professional development outside of the regional cardiac centres. This improves both the care we all give, the teaching we provide to the next generation of Neonatologists and helps establish a network of professionals. Whilst we do not have a role in accreditation we do provide documents, guidance and support educational meetings for revalidation and personal development.

Neonatal Grid Trainee

If you are interested in learning to perform echocardiograms whether for PPHN, assessment of a PDA or more generally to look at structure and function in the heart then please consider joining PECSIG. We will link you up with our trainees and invite you to our educational meetings, all for £25 per year. You can join here.

What is NICHe ?

Neonatologists with Interest in Cardiology and HEamodynamics. A small partner organisation but a separate entity from PECSIG. Many neonatologists that choose to be part of NICHe are members of PECSIG first.