Help Us, Help You

PECSIG is a non-profit society in the UK who are supported by the good will (and a little money) of our members. This allows us to do our work of educating the next generation of Paediatric Experts, improving the understanding of all Paediatricians and contributing in our part to the care of children with heart disease.

Everything you see on this site; the words, pictures, information and even the technical code behind is built by generous people giving their time. This allows us to continue training the Paediatricians of the future who might care for our children, our grand-children. If you think you could offer any of the following then we would love to hear from you.


  •    Write - Write your story for other parents
  •    Draw - Draw pictures that helped you understand
  •    Code - Technical Whizz? Help us build this better
  •    Doctors - Medical staff and students - write a tutorial or guideline
  •    Ideas - Got an idea, we'd love to hear from you