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What is PECSIG ?

PECSIG is society of UK medical professionals with expertise in caring for Children with heart disease. The majority of our members are Consultant or Specialist Paediatricians, regulated by the General Medical Council and members of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. They have all developed additional specialist experience in Children with heart disease including echocardiography (heart scans). You can read more about their role and how you might get referred here.

Information for Mum's & Dad's

We've teamed up with two great partners to bring you clear and accurate information leaflets. We've also got a whole host of pictures (worth a thousand words) so you can understand your child's diagnosis. Please remember that every child and every heart is just a little bit different. Our members understand this and so may explain a situation differently to what you might find here.

Education & Advice

Who is this for ?

Any health professional who may look after Children with Heart Disease. We've produced some helpful guidelines, teaching materials and even a quick ECG guide for so you can check your V6 voltage from your PR interval.

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